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Spring & Autumn


Are the months of the discovery of the mysteries of nature, light, space and sound, reserved for mountain lovers.

In the spring, during the months of May and June, when the show goes on stage of life, thaw and flowering, the green pastures yes meets with the whiteness of the last snows, chamois and ibex graze in the meadows, you can hear the song cuckoo, the days are perfectly terse and never end.

In the fall, in October, to enjoy the last warmth of the sun when down in the valley and the city has already been enveloped by fog, to scrutinize the many colors that play with the long shadows and oblique, to doze off next to the stove wood, a fondue by candlelight.

Spring and autumn seasons of peace and tranquility, in Chamois preparing for an exam, develop a plan, hold a workshop, to focus and be spoiled by a? Welcome warm, reserved for those who can discover it.